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Night view of Pattaya bay

Seeing is believing the ultimate Pattaya experience

Seeing is believing the Pattaya experience, fifty years ago, Pattaya was just a small sleepy fishing village. Changing forever, almost overnight when it suddenly became popular with American troops during the Vietnam war. Entrepreneurial locals, quick to see a business opportunity opened make shift bars, whilst others opened up rooms for accommodation. Soon young women throughout Thailand flocked to Pattaya with the hope to meet a handsome GI, as a potential husband, others as a way to make easy money.

Pattaya has continued to grow at an unprecedented rate and now Pattaya has the status of the hottest beach-resort destinations in Thailand. Attracting well over five million annual visitors both young and old, from all corners of the world. Of course much of what happens in Pattaya cannot be described as exactly normal, and you need to be a little broad minded.

For those that have never been to Pattaya, or for that matter Thailand then you are in for the experience of a lifetime. You can start chilling out at the bars from mid-day onwards. At night, enjoy live music within the bars in multi-coloured lights with sweaty fun being all part of the Pattaya experience.

Not just nightlife, enjoy outstanding Thai dishes or Europen foods the choice is yours. Enjoy your fish meal overlooking the bay in anyone of the sea food restaurants serving succulent dishes of lobster, crab and prawn swordfish shark fin soup Along side the outstanding nightlife, mouth watering food of various cuisines can be found all over Pattaya and in the maf succulent dishes of swordfish, crab, prawn and lobster on the menu.

World famous is Pattaya's Walking Street, loud music, a diversity of mini skirted ladies with attitude . Be blinded by the glare of neon signs, clubs, bars, discotheques, bars, go-gos, massage parlours. At night the street becomes a hub of sheer insanity and mayhem, but full of fun and diversity that makes life what it is in this world of Pattaya.

As you would expect from Thailand's major beachside resort, there are many tours available for visitors to Pattaya. See the Pattaya floating market, take a boat trip and explore coral island of Koh Lan, relax in beautiful tropical gardens, visit temples, go on a fishing trip. To the south is Jomtiem beach a 6 km straight stretch of sand, a perfect day out to relax on a clean and uncluttered beach along with clear water. All sorts of water sports can be found here or even if you dare buggy jumping! You can say things about Pattaya but boring is not one of them.

Flight deals to Bangkok

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Pattaya hotels

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Thailand Festivals

songkran water festival

During April is the Songkran water festival, also known to the locals as the Wan Lai Klua festival. Many visitors like to coincide their visit so they can join in the fun where everyone becomes involved.